Four Basic Missions

I. Overturn Terry v. Ohio 

The devastating impact of Terry vs. Ohio on the civil liberties of all Americans, especially if you happen to be a black American–cannot be understated. This ruling (and the laws stemming from it) effectively and unequivocally places greater value on the “safety” (in fact, greater value is placed not the actual safety but on the “belief of a threat to” or “fear for” the safety) of members of law enforcement (even those with a documented record of racial discrimination and/or allegations of serious misconduct including excessive use of force) than on the lives American citizens—especially the lives of Black Americans—which has resulted in government sanctioned murder of Black and brown Americans in the years following. 

a. Until 1964, the primary function of the Supreme Court was to deny the civil liberties of Black Americans. Then, with the passing of the Civil Liberties Act, its ability to do was effectively curtailed, for the first time in history. 

b. However, Supreme Court did not wait long to resume its most ardent objective (to deny Blacks equal treatment and rights under the law) 

c. Which is why, in 1968, SCOTUS ruled to place greater worth and more value on “officer’s safety” than on the lives of its citizens; more specifically, on the lives of Black Americans. 

d. Extensions of Terry vs. Ohio (aka: “Death Lawz”) i. South Dakota vs. Opperman (428 U.S. 364 (1976) 

ii. Pennsylvania vs. Mimms, 434 U.S. 106 (1977) 

iii. Illinois vs. Gates 

iv. Tennessee vs. Garne (g c) 

v. Sittz vs. Michigan State Police (g c) 

vi. Wilson vs. Arkansas 

vii. Renn vs. United States 

viii. Atwater vs. City of Lago Vista 

ix. Arizona vs. Johnson 

It must be overturned IMMEDIATELY. 

II. New Supreme Court; Six Courts with Democratically Elected Judges 

III. Locke Building 

IV. End All Prisons; Replace with Video-Recorded Communities 

Second Mission

Six Districts with Nine Elected Supreme Court Justices for a total of 54 Supreme Court Justices

Our current judicial system funds thousands of judges to put Americans in cages, but only 9 to ensure that those justices have ruled fairly and constitutionally. This is not merely preposterous, it is obscene and must change.

The only thing that our Supreme Court hears cases about is our civil liberties. Because the Supreme Court only hears cases about our civil liberties, we have the right to elect the people who are in charge of our right to life, to liberty, to the pursuit of happiness and to due process. Because history shows that the Supreme Court has not ruled to protect these civil liberties; in fact, quite the opposite. For example; in Sitz vs. Michigan State Police, they said, “The empirical evidence shows that this program works.” In the direct sunlight of this ruling and others, we can see that the Supreme Court does not defend our civil liberties.

The main reason for this, we feel, is because there is a barrier between them and us. And that barrier is the President. We do not truly elect our President; he is an elitist from George Washington to Donald Trump and that’s not going to change. Then, this elitist chooses another elitist that his political party has vetted and chosen. We feel it is outrageous that we, the people, don’t chose the judges who are, in fact, both the arbiters and guardians of our civil liberties and propose this alternative in order to institute the “balance of power” that our constitution guarantees.

Third Mission

Montesquieu, Locke and Rousseau Agencies

Using the principles of John Jacques Rousseau, John Locke and Montesquieu, we put checks and balances on police immediately by forming two agencies that will be the guardians of liberty and a third agency which will oversee and redraw the congressional district lines. John Locke said “Show me the character of a man and I’ll show you how much education he has.” Let’s listen to our enlightenment thinkers. Keep the police, take half or even 60% of their funding and put it into these two new agencies, the “Montesquieu” and the “Locke.” Then, move to a digital detainment system where police no longer arrest individuals. People willingly agree to go with police because they are being filmed. Only the criminally insane or the most uneducated will refuse. What that means for those individuals is mandatory education or psychiatric treatment to determine if they are criminally insane.

  1. The first agency is the “Montesquieu.” Every time a police officer has an interaction with anybody, this unit is deployed. (We don’t need 15 cops deployed at the same time, we need four cops and four auditors.) They are on-site auditors who retrieve all the body cam footage; the have subpoena power and they have the power to arrest.
  2. The second agency is the “Locke.” This agency oversees district attorneys. Their primary function is to review district attorney’s cases. District attorneys in America get paid bonuses based on winning percentage; meaning, they get paid by the number of people that they put in cages. This must come to an end immediately.
  3. The third agency is the “Rousseau” which will oversee and redraw the congressional district lines all across America. We suggest a double-blind study between major institutions which will determine these congressional district lines rather than the current system which is flawed and blatantly corrupt.

Mission Four

We want to get a scripted series on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon…

However, we have stipulations as to who will fund us. We will not be handcuffed in any way, shape or form. What we write on the page will be produced.

We need a streaming deal because it’s going to reach millions and millions of viewers, not only in the US but across the globe.

Let’s not make people wonder; let’s let them see what digital detainment looks like with a high-end production. In a ten episode scripted series that’s pre-written. We want to do three things with the series:

I. Show the real history of the United States.
II. Show how it is now, today.
III. Show what a future history looks like with “digital detainment” and education instead of prisons. Where, you can’t go home but all you have to do is learn this and you can leave; that’s the point. And, it is not going to be a prison, it’s going to be a gigantic city.
A city where you can have relationships, where you can bring your family, where you can have a job, etc. When you lock a person in a cage for 15, 20 years; they are ruined. They are ruined for themselves and they are ruined for us. If somebody is that bad, they can go live in a city where, instead of bars and guards, there are video cameras. But, they get to have interpersonal relationships, they get to have a job, they get to sleep in their own bed, they get to have a fork and a knife; they are treated like humans instead of animals. Only the criminally insane will hurt and kill people when they are put into a regular city.

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  1. Give me my fucking ebook chille I’m sick of waiting you fucking leader on tik tok send me the fucking ebook within 24 hours appreciate ya

  2. So you wish to change some of our laws? It is obvious that you don’t have a law degree and you aren’t an attorney. Why don’t you start there? Some of the things you state are mistaken. Are you aware of that? I can’t figure out if you are sincere and misguided, or you are just in it for your ego and the money. Are you willing to respond and start a dialogue? Do you need a patron? Respond only if you are sincere.

  3. Thanks for all your effort and teaching. I find your tik toks extremely educational. Hope you achieve your goal. I’d love to read your book buy I really can’t afford to make the small investment required. Again thanks for your educational content.

  4. Hey, I see your tiktoks a lot on my fyp, I usually spend hours on your live as Watertribesokka, I’m from Wisconsin and would love to get behind this movement, I really believe this is the protest to get behind, I want to overturn Terry and would love to learn more, and no I can’t afford it, but I know you give them free to people like that. I’d love to help out and spread the word.

  5. Can I get the free book and wall graphic? Been following you since day one! Incredible and it was my significant other who sent me your first TikTok and he was struck by your work for him as a black man. So thankful for your work.

  6. Dang this comment section was hard to find. Well I hope this is it … Can you let me know you got this, Chille?

    It’s the local, El, (BeLikeBonobos ’cause we should be!), who wants to be on the team! I may have even found a black solutionary to partner with…


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