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  1. Why won’t you text me to call you. You skurred of alabama?

    I need help. You want to help people. Help me then!

    251-252-8131 text me then call so I don’t reject call from unknown contact

  2. I am a newbie to your channel.

    After 65 years, no arrests, a perfect record of highest rectitude and living according to the principles you enunciate. East Ky was the one spot where miners could not successfully unionize because they surrendered to the tyrannical oligarchy created on the local level which included willing to accept script instead of money wages.Also the local government now post coal mining is as has really always been, a system that has become toxic to people antithetical to their rights because their rights come now not from the coal companies but now it’s the mentally challenged elected tyrants and in pike county the county judge a full time position advertises favor his law office on tv & billboards advertising he’s a lawyer who takes big money cases; the courthouse is just enuf graft to afford those who can do private work a big financial and PR benefit combined with the favoritism now afforded by the militaristic arm which has control over tickets, wrecks, tow cos and ambulances, then medical care who enjoys freely the favoritism of benefits the cabal can afford in its storehouse. he’s only one player in a local govt cabal that literally has replaced the coal cos with a whole new power structure comprised of the same players but now independent of the controls of the coal co and now doing it for purely hubris and greed. In many ways we don’t even subscribe to the American legal system, it’s been replaced by a system of despotism where the elected officeholders are the law and the framework is just an aggravation or annoyance. It’s a spoils system with a good sales pitch kind of like THE THIN BLUE LINE which is the militaristic arm of the local fiefdom. Unbelievably speech and liberty have been dramatically effected by the overlay or background of drugs which is causing arrests for irrelevant nonverbal acts like no tapping of feet or bending over while seated both reasons for incarcerating someone esp if they are a political enemy.And impolite behavior or criticism of a member of the cabal is not allowed. The cabal also has tentacles in the churches and encourage worry-free living and A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN LIVE WORRY-Free WITHOUT A NEED TO THINK OR CRITICIZE. LEAVE IT TO THE CABAL OR CALL YOUR FRIENDLY LOVABLE FUZZY WUZZY CABAL TODAY AND GIVE IT SOME LOVE so that your family will prosper and live and never worry. And they have recently instituted a new policy coming soon to your hometown where people are randomly chosen for blood testing by the state and just hope nothing is questionable.

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